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About Us

Our story is rooted in the depths of many generations of sacrifice, love, and resilience. Our founders and the entire team are made up of the same community we are trying to reach. This foundation is not ours but belongs to every single one of the members of this beautiful community. It is not every day that you meet a group of people so passionately motivated to give back to their roots. We realize how incredibly lucky we are to have met so many people that share the same views and goals, so we took that opportunity and created what we now are. We hope that through our foundation we are able to reach everyone in our community who needs the support. Whether it be immigration support or any other support we are here for you siempre!

Board of Directors

Our Volunteers

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Isamar Diaz

Nora Martinez

Hannia Figueroa Herrera

Anna Perez

Plinio Magana

Mariana Rubio-Perez

Diego Gonzalez

Ana Cano

Jessica Cortez

Mariela Cedillo Juarez

Karla ArellanoRodriguez

Grecia Chavira

Nuri Rubio

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