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Join us and support our immigrant community. Let's learn together and spread our knowledge; we will no longer be vulnerable.

By choosing to donate to ICRF you are helping our foundation have a further reach in a community that lacks support and empathy. You are helping ICRF empower and mold a  fearless community. You are funding a group of immigrants as they break generational curses. Our struggles as a community don’t start and end at immigration. Our community deserves better in every sense of the word and ICRF was founded for that exact purpose. Your donation will help us continue to provide free services. It will help us pay for individual applications, and offer help to women, men, and children who are too afraid to come forward due to their legal status. It will help us put food on the table to those who need it, among many other things.

We appreciate the support and are beyond grateful to all of you! 
**All donations over $20.00 will receive a tax receipt
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