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Hi everyone! If you are hesitant about AP … thinking about doing AP but have doubts or concerns, this is your sign to DO AP!! I did AP in December (emergency AP cause my grandfather was having surgery) and came back on 12/9/21. I sent out my [AOS] packet on 2/12/22 and got a txt notification that my packet arrived on 2/15/22 A week later I got another letter and I thought it was going to be an RFE and to my surprise, it was my interview!! 3/2/22- interview scheduled; interview date 3/29/22. My interview went soooo smooth ! We were in there for maybe 15 min. I encourage everyone to do AP, read the guides, and ask questions! This group is amazing!! I did everything from start to finish on my own with the help of this wonderful group!

Interview 3/29

Approved on the spot

Status changed to approve on 3/30

Status changed to Card produced 4/4

Status changed to a card picked up by USPS 4/5

Card delivered 4/7

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